Andrew Scrivens, guitar teacher in Brisbane, playing a Cole Clark guitar

About me

It has been 20 years now of studying and practicing both the acoustic and electric guitar. I must admit that I am still as excited as I ever have been about this challenging and wonderful instrument, as well as the fortunate opportunities it has brought me. I have studied the work of many different guitarists over the years however the ones that keep recurring as the biggest influences on my playing and my musicality are:

John Mayer, John Frusciante, Derek Trucks, Tommy Emmanuel, Guthrie Govan and Marcus King.


As well as teaching for the last 5 years, initially for The Guitar Gym before leaving to teach privately, I have played in numerous bands and recording projects. I still think one of the best things I have ever done as a musician was to start playing covers – now I understand how the Beatles became so damn good at music! When your sole job is to make hundreds of people dance and sing with everything they have got, you learn a lot about how to play your instrument!


This is Tommy Emmanuel, famous acoustic guitarist, teaching Andrew Scrivens how to pay one of his songs

👆🏼You know who’s teaching me guitar here, right? Hint: best guitar player on the planet.

Projects – Past & Present

Session guitars – Bluey TV Show

I play guitar on a number of Bluey episodes, alongside my friend and brilliant composer Joff Bush. 

Come Home – Du0

I worked with producer Du0 to record the guitars for the ambient, chill track “Come Home”. I also play in his live band.

Dusk Blooms

Dusk Blooms is a band that was formed in 2012. We were honoured to have our self-produced record be accepted for mixing by the legendary producer Nick DiDia. The album was recorded mostly at my home teaching studio on a laptop with drums and vocals handled externally. It was mixed by:

Nick DiDia (Incubus, Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Powderfinger, RATM, Audiosoave), Cris Stevens (Portishead, Resin Dogs), Yanto Browning (Art of Sleeping, The Belligerents)

Tom Thum’s Human Synthesised Band

I played midi guitar in one of the most unique projects I’ve been invited to join. Tom is a human sound-effects machine and beatboxer who is always reinventing his sound and approach to music. This band was built around a concept he had been nurturing for years: a live band, all playing MIDI instruments, that control sounds that he records using just his mouth in real-time. He makes the sounds of the drum kit and then the drummer plays drums using those sounds. The same goes for the guitar and keys. This video was our concept launch at the YouTube Brandcast event in Sydney in 2016.


My primary live band these days is The JSB – a Brisbane Corporate Band.