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The baritone ukulele is the largest member of the uke family and it produces a mellow, delicate, and beautiful sound that is somewhat similar to that of a nylon string guitar.

The combination of its deeper tone and lower tuning configuration make the baritone ukulele such a unique voice in terms of its tonal and timbre characteristics.

Baritone ukes are usually tuned to the same pitch as the first four strings of the guitar, making them a popular choice for guitarists who want to add a new dimension to their sound. Ukuleles are very popular among singer-songwriters and offer a great alternative to other accompanying instruments such as the guitar or the piano.

The baritone ukulele has a scale length of 19/20 inches, thus making it more playable than smaller variants in the ukulele family such as the soprano and the tenor ukulele. Its body is typically made from mahogany, acacia, or koa wood, although other woods are also used as we’ll illustrate later.

If you’re looking for an instrument that will add richness and depth to your sound, then the baritone uke is a perfect choice.

In this article, we will take a look at the best baritone ukuleles available today. Thanks to a detailed overview of each product’s features, building materials, specifications, prices, and tonal characteristics, you will be able to have a clear idea of which instrument is more suited to your needs.

What are the best baritone ukuleles available today?

Here is a detailed list of my favourite picks for the best baritone ukuleles on the market.

1. Cordoba 20BM

Cordoba has a reputation for building great quality instruments at competitive prices. The 20BM model is the company’s first line of baritone ukuleles and it does not disappoint.

The instrument features a handcrafted solid mahogany body (top, back, sides, and neck) and a Pau Ferro bridge and fingerboard. The mahogany build ensures a punchy sound with low overtones and great high-end response, while the Pau Ferro fingerboard provides a smooth playing experience.

The natural wood colour and satin polyurethane finish provide a simple but stylish look. The beautiful herringbone decorations both on the rosetta and the saddle add a touch of class and luxury to the appearance of this baritone uke.

The fingerboard has a total of 18 frets, thus offering plenty of range to explore. Aquila nylgut strings are supplied and pearl white geared tuners offer tuning reliability.

At a price lower than $300, the Cordoba 20BM is great value for money and an excellent option for acoustic ukuleles.


  • Acoustic baritone ukulele
  • Solid wood build with mahogany body and Pau Ferro fingerboard
  • Simple and pleasing aesthetics with nice herringbone maple and ebony decorations
  • Affordability
  • Warm and full sound
  • Aquila new nylgut baritone 21U strings
  • 20 inches scale length and 14 frets to the body

Wrap Up

The Cordoba 20BM is a reliable baritone ukulele that offers a solid build and a great sound. It is an excellent choice for both beginners and more experienced players. Its warm and rich sound makes it a pleasure to play. Not suitable for performers who need acoustic electric baritone ukuleles for their show.

2. Kala KA-SA-B


Kala is an absolute powerhouse in the world of ukuleles and has been delivering quality instruments to over 50 countries worldwide for almost two decades. A Kala ukulele is always a great choice.

The Kala KA-SA-B is proof of the company’s intent to build great sounding ukuleles with a beautiful appearance and made with quality parts and materials. Although it belongs to the pricier model range, it is an instrument built to last and satisfy the tonal and playing requirements of most players.

With top, back, and sides built with solid acacia wood, which resembles the traditional Hawaiian koa wood, this baritone model has a full and rich tone with great sustain. The neck is built with solid mahogany, which adds punchiness and warmth and boosts the mid-range frequency for optimal clarity and balance.

Finally, the rosewood fingerboard guarantees great playability as well as contributes to the warmness of the tone. The ebony nut and saddle made of GraphTech NuBone show attention to detail in every component of the design.

Aesthetically, the Kala KA-SA-B baritone ukulele features the mixed grain pattern of the acacia wood, which is particularly striking in its elegance and beauty. The maple bindings run around the body of the uke, adding another nice feature that breaks the darker homogenous tone of the acacia wood.

The satin finish, the beautiful rope design on the rosetta, and the swirl fret inlays round up the look department with classy touches.


  • Solid acacia wood body and rosewood fingerboard
  • Acoustic baritone ukulele
  • Warm and balanced sound quality
  • Mahogany neck
  • Ebony nut
  • GraphTech NuBone optimises the transmissions of frequencies for added richness and sustain
  • 18 frets
  • Aquila Super Nylgut strings
  • Slotted headstock with Kala tuners


Retailed at $459.

Wrap up

The Kala SA-B is one of the best-sounding acoustic baritone ukleles. It is built with quality materials to deliver a full, loud, and rich sound. The attention to decorative details and overall elegant look of the acacia grains make it such an attractive instrument.

3. Ohana BK-35 CG


Ohana is a Californian family-run company that prides itself on its passion for music and commitment to delivering great-sounding ukuleles. Ohana runs quality inspections and completes careful setups on all their instruments before shipping them worldwide. When buying Ohana products, you are rest assured to receive a functional ukulele with excellent playability.

Ohana offers several baritone ukulele models. Out of their extensive line, the Ohana BK-35 CG strikes me as a beautifully-crafted baritone uke with a gorgeous look and excellent tone quality. In addition, the built-in active pick-up system makes it the perfect choice for performers who are looking for a great acoustic electric baritone ukulele.

The added feature of this baritone ukulele is the inclusion of a cutaway in its design. As baritone ukuleles are gaining more and more attention from musicians and especially guitarists, the ability to comfortably reach higher positions of the neck is a great advantage.

The Ohana BK-35 CG is built with all solid materials featuring a mahogany top, back, sides, and neck and a hardwood fingerboard. The wide use of mahogany ensures a well-balanced and woody sound as well as nice overtones both in the low and high frequencies. The nut and saddle are made of bone for optimal sustain and tone transmission.

The Ohana BK 35 CG features a gloss finish, black and white rosette, and pearloid fret inlays. The combination of black and white purflings around the body and headstock and the reddish-brown main tonal colour of mahogany deliver a stunning and elegant look.


  • Acoustic-electric baritone ukulele with built-in pickups
  • Ideal for gigging musicians
  • Excellent playability and
  • Solid mahogany build
  • Hardwood fingerboard
  • 19-1/2″ scale length
  • 20 frets and cutaway design
  • Nut and saddle made of bone
  • Aquila strings


The price starts at $529 and includes a one-year Ohana warranty. A gig bag and other accessories/customizations can be added to your order for an additional cost.

Wrap up

The Ohana BK-35CG is a wonderful instrument with a great sound and stunning look. The cutaway design and high-quality amplified performance make this uke a great option for professional players who need a powerful

sound in their live shows.

4. Kanilea’a K-1 Series


Kanile’a is a Hawaiian-based company committed to building the highest level of professional ukuleles. For over 24 years, Kanile’a has built stunning instruments while following core values such as tradition, innovation, and sustainability. If your budget allows it, purchasing a Kanile’s baritone ukulele will be the investment of a lifetime.

Like all Kanile’a ukuleles, the K-1 baritone model is handcrafted with top-quality and well-seasoned Koa wood sourced directly in Hawaii. All ukuleles can be customised with your choice of straight grain, curly, and premium curly koa wood.

A solid mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard, bridge, and head plate complete the high-grade design of this baritone uke.

The result is a stunning and elegant instrument with incredible resonance and sustain. Every note sounds detailed, rich, warm, and powerful. The careful attention to delivering perfect intonation makes the Kanile’a K-1 the best-sounding baritone ukulele I have ever played.


  • Professional grade baritone ukulele with a stunning look
  • Handcrafted in Hawaii
  • Built with high-grade and aged koa wood
  • Mahogany neck
  • Ebony fingerboard, bridge, and headplate
  • Chrome geared tuners
  • NuBone nut and saddle
  • White Mother of Pearls markers and logo
  • UV cured finish
  • Case included
  • Aquila super nylgut strings


Prices for a baritone ukulele K-1 start at $1,795. Extra customizations and features can be added for an additional cost. Pick-up installation starts at $178 for a passive pick-up system.

Wrap Up

Kanile’a baritone ukuleles are superior instruments that are specifically built for professionals and serious players. Their features, high-quality koa woods, and stunning sound make them the best ukuleles money can buy. If ukuleles are your passion and first instrument of choice, the Kanile’a baritone uke should be your dream instrument to own.

5. Lanikai Acacia Solid Top Baritone A/E Ukulele


The Lanikai baritone ukulele is a good quality instrument built with performing and recording musicians in mind. Thanks to its Fishman pickup and in-built tuner, the Lanikai baritone uke is ideal for live shows and recording music. Moreover, the cutaway build offers comfortable access to all areas of the neck.

This baritone model features a solid acacia top and laminate acacia for the back and sides to enhance sound projection and fullness. The Lanikai is one of the few baritone ukuleles on the market that includes an adjustable truss rod for optimising neck straightness, action, and playability.

The chrome open-back tuners ensure smooth handling and accurate tuning. The lightweight headstock, wide nut, and neck profile were specifically designed to maximise the player’s comfort. NuBone nut and saddle have been included to emphasise sustain and tonal overtones.

The beautiful and varied grains of the acacia wood combined with its satin finish make the Lanikai baritone uke a classic and beautiful instrument to display.


  • Acoustic-electric baritone ukulele
  • Built with solid top acacia and acacia laminate back and sides
  • The tonal qualities of acacia wood resemble traditional koa wood
  • Beautiful, elegant, and natural aesthetics
  • Fishman pickup and adjustable truss rod
  • NuBone nut saddle to enhance sustain and tone quality
  • Cutaway design with 20 frets
  • Padded gig bag included with purchase
  • Limited Lifetime warranty


For $299.99, the Lanikai uke is of the most affordable acoustic-electric baritone ukuleles out there.

Wrap up

Although the Lanikai Acacia Series baritone ukulele has many appealing features, I think that the overall sound quality suffers from the use of laminate woods on the back and sides. This does contribute to making this uke sound a bit thinner and drier than the other ukuleles reviewed in this list.

Thankfully, the Fishman pickup ensures a satisfying amplified sound that will be suited for performances and recording.

6. Luna Uke High Tide Baritone Koa w/Preamp


Founded in 2005, Luna Guitars aims to deliver high-quality instruments with a unique identity and superior craftsmanship. They often feature artwork from well-known artists, henna and tattoo-like design, and other creative embellishments with an idiosyncratic touch.

As with all other Luna products, the High Tide Baritone Koa model is hand-made to guarantee playability, performance, and aesthetic uniqueness. The body of this particular uke model is built with solid koa wood that delivers a rich and natural sound.

The C-shaped neck is made of eastern mahogany for excellent punch and sustain. Pau Ferro is used for the flat-radius fingerboard and bridge for its tonal properties of warmth and brightness.

Aesthetically, the Luna High Tide baritone ukulele displays some classy features, such as its natural satin finish and the abalone fret markers that resemble the shape of waves. Here is where Luna’s unique and artistic touch comes alive.

As the inlay waves approach the headstock where the Luna (from the Latin word meaning ‘moon’) logo is located, they get bigger as if they were feeling the attraction force of the moon. It’s a beautiful and metaphorical feature that is not found in other ukuleles.

The Luna UK-T2 preamp offers a nice and natural amplified tone which is great for performing musicians. The built-in EQ and tuner add an extra layer of professional tools at your disposal during live shows and recording giving you a variety of tonal possibilities and accurate tuning.

Other woods and design configurations are available for the baritone ukulele range, so make sure to check out the Luna Guitars website to have a look at their distinctive and uniqe collection.


  • Acoustic-electric baritone ukulele with built-in preamp
  • Solid koa body, eastern mahogany neck, Pau Ferro fretboard and bridge
  • Multiply wood bindings
  • Satin finish
  • 19 frets and flat-radius fingerboard
  • 19″ scale length
  • Abalone inlays
  • Open Gear Black tuners for optimal tuning stability
  • Built-in EQ and tuner
  • Aquila Super Nylgut strings
  • Gigbag included


The Luna High Tide Baritone Koa w/Preamp is priced at $349 (suggested retail price of $499).

Wrap up

Thanks to its solid build, great functionality, and many added stylistic features at a competitive price, the Luna High Tide is a great candidate for one of the best acoustic-electric baritone ukuleles available today.

7. Oscar Schmidt OU55CE (by Washburn)


The Oscar Schmidt OU55CE is an acoustic-electric baritone uke with a stylish look and cutaway design.

The OU55CE is constructed with a laminate koa body including the top, back, and sides, which give this uke an elegant and classy feel. The fingerboard and bridge are made of nyatoh wood, which is a type of hardwood with similar tonal properties to the more expensive mahogany. Beautiful abalone features decorate the rosette and the contour of the whole body.

Out of the box, the Aquila strings felt quite loose and there were some noticeable buzzes in different parts of the fretboard. After a quick retuning to a higher pitch, everything fell into place and both playability and sound quality improved considerably. If you want to keep the standard baritone ukulele tuning, I suggest replacing the strings and opting for a lighter gauge.

Although the acoustic tone is not as powerful and full as other baritone ukuleles in this price range, the OU55CE shines when plugged in. Thanks to its UK2000 Active EQ Pickup system, this acoustic electric baritone ukulele has a beautiful and natural sound with convincing bass overtones, clear mid-range, and rounded highs. It is perfect for live performances and recording.


  • Acoustic-electric baritone ukulele
  • Built with laminate koa wood body
  • Nyatoh fretboard and bridge
  • Chrome hardware
  • Stylish abalone decorations, beautiful koa grain patterns, and glossy finish
  • Powerful preamp system with built-in EQ
  • Optimal for amplified use
  • Hard case included


Approximately $400

Wrap up

The OU55CE is a nice-looking instrument with appealing and classy aesthetics. It does not offer the warmth and fullness of sound when played acoustically due to the use of laminate koa and slightly inferior quality hardwood.

Nonetheless, its powerful and dynamic preamp system delivers a fantastic, rich, and balanced sound when amplified and it is nice to play. Therefore, it is a great choice for players who need a robust and responsive uke during their live performances.

My Top Picks for the Best Baritone Ukuleles of 2022

The Kala KA-SA-B is the best baritone ukulele for someone who wants an affordable, quality acoustic uke. Kala is a reputable company and its ukuleles are made of high-quality materials, have great sound projection, and are easy and fun to play.

The KA-SA-B baritone ukulele is perfect for players who want to learn how to play and are committed to investing in a great-quality product. My philosophy is that your instrument is a reflection of yourself, so starting out with an excellent instrument is a testament to your will to be dedicated to learning. What better can inspire than a beautiful and great-sounding baritone ukulele waiting to be played?

The Kala is also perfect for intermediate players who may need an upgrade and make the most out of the skills they have patiently nurtured. If you are willing to increase your spending budget, this baritone ukulele will be your musical companion for years to come.

As far as acoustic-electric baritone ukulele, my top choice is the Luna High Tide Baritone Koa with Preamp. This uke is beautifully crafted and built with high-quality materials. It sounds great acoustic and even better when plugged in. It plays beautifully and looks stunning.

I also love the unique designs of all the Luna models, which make their instruments stand out with stylish and creative twists on the more classic look of other brands. At such a competitive price of $359, the Luna High Tide offers the best value for money, sounds and looks better than other ukes in that price range.

Why do people prefer baritone ukuleles?

Baritone ukuleles are the biggest in the ukulele family and, as such, have a quite distinctive sound when compared to the other types. Baritone ukes have a deeper, more powerful, and warmer tone which suits different styles of music and offers unique musical textures and colourations.

Therefore, these instruments can be used to move away from the tonal characteristics of smaller-sized ukuleles both in live performances and recorded music.

In addition, baritone ukuleles are usually tuned to D-G-B-E, which is the same as the top 4 strings on a guitar. This makes them ideal for guitar players who want to add the sound of the baritone ukulele to their repertoire. If you aready play guitar, the switch will be easy and gratyfing.

In fact, the similarity of the tuning between the two instruments allows guitar players to transfer their chord and scale knowledge directly into the baritone ukulele. The different timbre, playability, and overall feel will contribute to creating a refreshing experience that will spark their creativity.

Additionally, some players find regular ukuleles, such as soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles, tricky to play due to the limited size of their fret spacing and fingerboard. This makes playing chords and single-note passages a bit clumsy and hindered especially for players with larger hands. The larger scale of the baritone uke, which sits at around 19-20″, eliminates these problems and fosters easier playability and performance.

Finally, learning the baritone ukulele can be a great choice for people who plan to tackle the guitar at some stage but do not want to deal with the complexities of playing across 6 strings. Moreover, the baritone uke is gentler on the hands due to its smaller scale and lighter nylon strings.

Learning the baritone ukulele will offer them an understanding of the tuning layout, which will transfer to the guitar as well as preparing for the more physical challenges that guitars present.

How do I tune my baritone ukulele? Do I need to relearn everything again?

The most common tuning for the baritone uke is D3-G3-B3-E4. Initially, this may seem overwhelming and discouraging fact for soprano, concert, and tenor ukulele players as they are used to playing in g-C-E-A (by the way this is what we call a ‘re-entering tuning’ because the pitch of the highest sounding string is located at the top of the instrument rather than the bottom).

They usually conclude that playing the baritone ukulele is out of their reach because the tuning is completely different and therefore means learning everything from scratch. There are many inaccurate resources on the internet that wrongly assume that baritone ukuleles require knowledge of different chord shapes and patterns.

With the aid of some music theory fundamentals, I can guarantee you that the only thing that baritone differs from other ukes is the key it sounds. If you compare the shape of a G major chord in a soprano ukulele to the shape of a D major in a baritone uke, you will see that the two shapes are identical.

The only disadvantage to switching to a baritone ukulele is that you have to transpose songs to a different key, without the fear of throwing away everything you’ve learned along your musical journey.


Baritone ukuleles are great instruments with unique timbre and sonic properties. There is something quite special about their soothing sound and ability to conjure up feelings of joy, calm, and togetherness.

They are versatile and can be used for a wide range of musical genres. They are also relatively easy to play, especially for guitarists who want to add a new sound to their arsenal or for people that are just starting to tackle a musical instrument.

They are light and easy to carry around and make the perfect travelling companion for when you are on the road. Whether you prefer the sound of an acoustic uke or the versatility of an acoustic-electric model, this complete guide will help you make the right decision.

I am sure that you will have fun and enjoy being creative with your new favourite musical toy!