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In 2023, the market for the best budget guitar amp is bustling, offering something for every guitarist, from tube-equipped micro-heads to digital imitation powerhouses. With advances in solid state, digital, and app-based technology, affordable tones are better than ever, and the size is shrinking, not the sound.

We’ve compiled a list of the best budget guitar amps, detailing their pros, cons, pricing, and unique features. So, whether you’re a beginner, dabbling in a new hobby, or a seasoned musician gearing up for your first gig, we’ve got you covered.

The Fender Champion 40 guitar amp on a white background

The Best Budget Guitar Amp: Fender Champion 40


The Fender Champion 40 is more than just a guitar amplifier. It’s a versatile and compact 40-watt piece that offers an array of effects and the option for amp modeling. Its versatility extends to its ability to accommodate a variety of music genres, from rock and blues to jazz, metal, and even country.

The amplifier’s features extend to delay, chorus, tremolo, and reverb effects, giving users an opportunity to experiment with and personalize their sound. The Fender Champion 40 isn’t just about versatility and sound either; it has a vintage aesthetic, featuring black Bronco vinyl and a silver front.

Key Benefits

  • A wide range of effects for sound customization
  • Digital amp modeling allows for emulation of different types of amps
  • Serves various music genres
  • Lightweight and portable, ideal for rehearsals and small gigs
  • Equipped with a 12″ Special Design speaker for the classic Fender sound
  • Well-constructed and durable
  • Excellent sound quality with clear tones on the clean channel and powerful distortion on the drive channel


The Fender Champion 40 offers excellent value for its features and sound quality.

Pros & Cons

From our perspective, the Fender Champion 40 has a lot going for it. It’s lightweight and portable, making it an excellent choice for musicians who need an amp for rehearsals and small performances. It offers two channels, enabling seamless switching between clean and distorted sounds.

Thanks to the headphone output, you can practice in silence and not disturb anyone. If you feel like playing along to backing tracks, there’s a 1/8″ AUX input at your disposal.

As for the cons, there doesn’t seem to be any major drawbacks to this amplifier, making it a solid choice for both professionals and beginners.

The Boss Katana-100 MkII guitar amp on a white background

2. Boss Katana-100 MkII 


The Boss Katana-100 MkII is a renowned practice amp that carries forward the legacy of its predecessor with key upgrades. Beloved for its sharp tones, the Katana-100 MkII embodies a durable build and comes equipped with the much-loved Boss effects. The amp offers model variations, thus providing more sound options, and is powered by an improved version of the Boss Tone Studio editing software for easier preset editing.

It features a custom 12-inch speaker and follows the Tube Logic design approach to produce robust and punchy tones. With five unique amp characters and variations for each, along with five independent effects sections, the Katana-100 MkII is truly versatile.

Key Benefits

  • Versatility with five unique amp characters and variations
  • Five independent effects sections with selectable variations
  • Ability to plug straight into the power amp, bypassing built-in amp models
  • Advanced Boss Tone Studio editing software for easy preset editing
  • Durable build with a custom 12-inch speaker and Tube Logic design
  • Excellent for live performances, recording, and practice
  • Built-in effects and speaker options for customization


The Boss Katana-100 MkII is lauded for its affordability, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced guitarists. It offers excellent value for its price, providing a wide range of tones and effects at a budget-friendly price point.

Pros & Cons

From a personal perspective, the versatility of the Boss Katana-100 MkII is commendable. The amp offers a wider range of sounds compared to the original Katana, thanks to the new tone variations. The dual concentric effects controls provide more freedom in using effects, and the ability to stack five effects adds to the amp’s versatility.

The Class A/B power section sets the Katana-100 MkII apart from other solid-state amps, delivering better midrange and overall sound quality. The standout global EQ feature allows for fine-tuning the tone for different situations.

However, for full amp control, the GA-FC footswitch is recommended, which may be an additional expense.

The Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 guitar amp on a white background

3. Peavey Vypyr VIP 2


The Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 is a versatile amplifier designed to handle a variety of guitar types including 6-string electric, acoustic, and bass. As a member of the three-amp family comprised of the VIP 1, VIP 2, and VIP 3, each with different wattage and speaker sizes, it stands out with its simple yet intuitive control layout and sleek design.

Equipped with a powerful TransTube engine, the VIP 2 delivers a tube-like tone with natural compression and a broad dynamic range. With 40 watts of power and a 12-inch speaker, it offers a powerful sound, further enhanced by its modern design featuring a black grill cloth, black hardware, and positioned LEDs marking each control for every saved amp model.

Key Benefits

  • A wide range of amp models, including Peavey classics, acoustic, and bass-specific models.
  • A variety of effects are available, like reverb and delay, and unique ones like synth mode.
  • Optional Sanpera foot controller enables access to a looper setting and control parameters like wah-wah and volume effects.
  • Specifically modeled to recreate the tones of various tube-driven amplifiers.
  • Equipped with additional inputs and amp models for bass and acoustic guitars, increasing its versatility.
  • Integrated USB audio interface for real-time recording when connected to a computer.
  • Convenient headphone output and auxiliary input on the front panel, plus a control jack for the optional Sanpera foot switch on the rear panel.
  • Lightweight (26 pounds) design which is compact and portable, ideal for practice sessions or small gigs.


The Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 comes at an affordable street price of around $200, proving to be of great value for its extensive features and versatility.

Pros & Cons

Speaking from personal experience, the Vypyr VIP 2 offers many advantages. It presents a wide array of amp models, including Peavey classics, and unique effects like a synth mode.

With the optional Sanpera foot controller, you can easily access a looper setting and control parameters like wah-wah and volume effects. It also features additional inputs and amp models for bass and acoustic guitars, making it a versatile asset for musicians who play different types of instruments.

However, it may not provide the expected low-end from an amp marketed for bass and feedback can occur at high gain or volume. Despite these minor setbacks, the Vypyr VIP 2 still stands as a strong contender in its price range.

The Orange Crush 35RT guitar amp on a white background

4.Orange Crush 35RT


The Orange Crush 35RT is a hard-hitting combo amp from the renowned Orange Crush series. This compact, 35-watt powerhouse is loaded with the irresistible classic Orange tone, offering two channels – clean and dirty. Owing to its user-friendly top panel, you can easily dial your desired sounds without continuously referring to the instruction manual. Despite its solid-state design, it skillfully replicates the authentic valve sound, making it an ideal choice for both practicing and gigging. Additionally, it comes with features like built-in reverb, a chromatic tuner, a headphone/line-out jack, and a cabinet simulation feature catering to your recording needs.

Key Benefits

  • It’s a versatile amplifier suitable for both amateur and professional guitar players.
  • Delivers an impressive tube-like sound performance.
  • The built-in tuner adds to its reliability.
  • Commendable build quality ensures longevity.
  • Built-in reverb and cabinet simulation feature for an enhanced sound experience.
  • User-friendly design for easy sound dialing.


The most striking aspect of the Orange Crush 35RT is its affordability. Despite offering a robust sound, versatility, and a durable build, it comes at a price that won’t break the bank. This makes it an incredible investment for guitar players seeking quality amplification without stretching their budget.

Pros & Cons

As a long-time user of the Orange Crush 35RT, we’ve found that the benefits far outweigh any minor shortcomings. The amp delivers a fantastic sound and is remarkably easy to use, even for beginners. It captures the valve sound authentically, a quality that sets it apart from other solid-state amps in its class. However, there are a few points to consider. Some users have pointed out a slightly bassy sound when using the aux-in, and the dirty channel can occasionally emit a fuzzy sound. Furthermore, the placement of the power switch on the back of the amp might take a bit to get used to. Despite these minor issues, the overall performance and affordability of the amplifier make it a valuable addition to any guitarist’s gear.

The Supro Delta King 8 on a white background

5.Supro Delta King 8


The Supro Delta King 8 is not just an amplifier; it is a nod to the iconic 1950s combo amplifiers. This compact, low-wattage combo amplifier encapsulates the vintage Supro sound, a feature that sets it apart from the crowd. Its small size doesn’t compromise its power, as it boasts 1 watt of all-tube class A power. It’s equipped with a single 12AX7 preamp tube and a single 12AU7 power tube, which combine to deliver a sublime sound. The design is a perfect blend of vintage appeal and solid construction, making it a fantastic addition to any guitarist’s repertoire.

Key Benefits

  • The Delta King 8 is a sound powerhouse, offering a clean, smooth, midrange-focused tone at lower volumes and a gnarly, cutting overdriven sound when cranked up.
  • It features a handy boost switch to increase volume and gain when needed.
  • The 8″ Supro DK8 speaker is capable of handling overdriven tones without losing sound quality.
  • It has a line-out jack positioned strategically before the master volume control, making it easy to record the warm tube preamp tone directly into an audio interface.
  • Its low-wattage design makes it perfect for recording, practicing, or extremely quiet gigs.


With a price tag of $449, the Delta King 8 offers excellent value for money. You get to experience the vintage Supro sound, coupled with the practical line-out feature, at a very reasonable price. It’s a worthy investment that delivers a bigger bang for your buck.

Pros & Cons

As with any product, the Supro Delta King 8 has its strengths and areas for improvement. It excels in delivering a smooth midrange-focused tone at lower volumes and a gnarly, cutting, overdriven sound when cranked up. The boost switch is a great feature for adding volume and gain, and the 8″ Supro DK8 speaker handles overdriven tones without sounding trashy. Also, the line-out jack is a brilliant feature that allows recording the tube preamp tone directly into an audio interface.

On the flip side, due to its low wattage, the Delta King 8 is most suitable for recording, practicing, or extremely quiet gigs. But this limitation is also its strength, as it is perfect for those who value quiet performances or recording sessions. So, weigh your requirements, and if they align with what the Delta King 8 offers, it could be a great choice.

The Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amp on a white background

6.Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amp


The Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amp is a compact yet feature-rich desktop amplifier. Designed with electric, bass, and acoustic guitar players in mind, it offers amp and effects modeling from Positive Grid’s BIAS FX line. This amp stands out with its ability to play music in stereo via Bluetooth from various streaming services or external sources. With its 40 watts full-range sound emitted from two custom-designed four-inch speakers, you can expect an impressive audio experience.

Key Benefits

  • Amp and effects modeling from Positive Grid’s BIAS FX line.
  • Designed for electric, bass, and acoustic guitar.
  • Ability to play music in stereo via Bluetooth from streaming services or external sources.
  • Compact and well-designed, with controls for amp type, gain, bass, mid, treble, and master volume.
  • Auto Chord Recognition feature in the Spark app that displays chords in real time for any song.
  • Access to Positive Grid ToneCloud, a library of over 10,000 amp-and-effects presets.
  • The Spark amp can also be used as a two-in/two-out recording interface.


We recommend checking the official website or trusted retailers for the most accurate and updated pricing details for the Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amp.

Pros & Cons

The Positive Grid Spark amp does have its fair share of both advantages and disadvantages.

Its compact and portable design is a clear benefit, making it perfect for home use. The Auto Chord Recognition feature, although it may sometimes struggle with extended chords and busy bass lines, generally does a commendable job at analyzing and displaying chords in real-time. The virtual rhythm section and Smart Jam feature, which can learn and provide backing to any eight-measure chord progression, open up endless possibilities for jamming and songwriting. Plus, the solid build quality and stylish design enhance the overall appeal of this amp.

However there are a few drawbacks to consider. There have been reports of occasional inaccuracies with the Auto Chord Recognition feature, and volume jumps when changing amp models. Also, it may not be suitable for live performances or use with a band due to its power limitations. Furthermore, the amp does not come with a footswitch, although a compatible footswitch called Airstep Spk Edition is available for purchase separately.

The Yamaha THR10 II Wireless amp on a white background

7.Yamaha THR10 II Wireless


The Yamaha THR10 II Wireless is an innovative, compact desktop amplifier designed to cater to the unique demands of electric guitar, bass, and acoustic guitar players. With its two sturdy 3.1-inch speakers, each powered by an independent amplifier, it offers stereo capability. Yamaha has positioned this model as a “third amplifier,” perfect for scenarios where superior sound quality is crucial but high volume isn’t necessary. The amplifier operates at 20W when connected to the included mains adapter and 15W when utilizing its internal lithium battery. The THR10 II Wireless also supports wireless guitar playing via a Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter and is built from a robust combination of molded plastic and sheet metal.

Key Benefits

  • Compact and portable, ideal for musicians on the go
  • Excellent sound quality across different guitar types
  • Inbuilt effects and a variety of amplifier models
  • Allows for wireless guitar playing with a Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter
  • Doubles as a class-compliant stereo USB audio interface
  • Includes a Steinberg Cubase AI and Cubasis LE DAW software download code
  • Remote operation via a smartphone or Bluetooth-capable computer
  • Yamaha’s Extended Stereo system for spacious effects


While the Yamaha THR10 II Wireless might be priced slightly higher than similar products in the market, it undoubtedly offers excellent value considering its sound quality and myriad features. It’s a versatile and high-quality amplifier that delivers on every front, making it a worthwhile investment for music enthusiasts.

Pros & Cons

From our experience, the THR10 II Wireless has numerous advantages. It comes equipped with inbuilt effects, a variety of amplifier types, and the capability to play back external audio in stereo. The amplifier also features a USB port that connects to a free editor app, available on various platforms, providing additional functionality, including more cabinet models and parameters for each effect.

The amp models are based on Yamaha’s VCM component-level modeling, and you can control them with either the front panel knobs or the app. It provides a speaker-emulated headphones output and a headphone-emulated output for recording purposes, and it doubles as a class-compliant stereo USB audio interface. If you’re a fan of wireless guitar playing, the wireless version will be a perfect fit, albeit it requires the Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter.

That said, we did encounter an occasional hiccup with the Bluetooth connection dropping. It’s a minor inconvenience but something worth noting for potential users. Despite this small drawback, we believe the Yamaha THR10 II Wireless is a versatile, high-quality amp that delivers on all fronts.

The Blackstar HT-1R amp on a white background

8.Blackstar HT-1R


The Blackstar HT-1R is a compact, portable amp designed and built in the UK. It carries a powerful punch in a small package, boasting a variety of tonal options from clean to crunch to downright dirty. The amp is powered by an ECC83 and an ECC82 tube and features a two-channel tube circuit with an 8-inch speaker. It’s supported by simple controls such as Gain, Volume, ISF (Infinite Shape Feature), and Reverb. To add to its versatility, the HT-1R includes an Overdrive button, emulated speaker output for direct recording, and an MP3/Line Input for jamming along to music. You can find it in both combo and amp head versions, with the combo version featuring a reverb effect.

Key Benefits

  • Compact and portable design for easy transport and use.
  • Range of tonal options, offering versatility in sound.
  • Easy-to-use controls for quick adjustments.
  • Overdrive button and emulated speaker output for direct recording.
  • MP3/Line Input for jamming along to music.
  • Available in both combo and amp head versions.
  • Impressive build quality for a small amp.
  • Provides powerful sound even at low volumes.
  • ISF EQ control and reverb effect add versatility and tone-shaping capabilities.


The Blackstar HT-1R is a high-quality, versatile amp. We recommend checking the retailer or manufacturer’s websites for the most current pricing information.

Pros & Cons

As a user of the Blackstar HT-1R, we appreciate its solid and sturdy build as well as its compact size. The tight knobs, high-quality jacks, and switches are evidence of its build quality. We found it convenient for guitarists due to its portability and reliability.

The clean channel has limited headroom, which may not suit some, but its overdrive channel offers a broad range of gain levels. While the amp’s speaker-emulated output is functional for recording, we believe mic’ing the amp provides a more authentic sound.

On the plus side, the HT-1R is versatile, being capable of warm Fender-style tones and edgy Marshall-like tones. The ISF knob allows for significant tone shaping, and the reverb softens high-gain settings, making them more manageable. Even at low volumes, we were impressed with the powerful sound the HT-1R produces. It’s perfect for solo practice and recording, delivering rich cranked-amp tones and clean tones at even low levels. The emulated speaker output also makes it ideal for recording situations, eliminating worries about speaker location. Overall, we found the HT-1R well-suited for home recording and practice, and it has the option to connect to a larger speaker cabinet if more volume is required.

What To Expect From A Good Budget Guitar Amp?

When diving into the world of budget guitar amplifiers, there are several factors to consider to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck without sacrificing quality. The market for budget guitar amplifiers has significantly expanded over the years, with increased competition among manufacturers leading to impressive advancements in quality, affordability, and diversity of options.

One of the key aspects to look for in a good budget guitar amp is the overall sound quality and versatility it offers. Many modern budget amps are equipped with solid-state, digital, or app-based technologies which provide a wide range of tones and effects. Whether you’re looking for a warm, dynamic tone typical of tube amps, or a cleaner and more precise sound offered by solid-state amps, the current market provides numerous options to suit your preferred sound profile.

The size and weight of the amplifier are also critical factors, particularly if portability is essential. Many budget amps come in lighter, smaller formats, making them ideal not only for home practice but also for musicians on the go. Additionally, bonus features such as USB connectivity for firmware upgrades and recording capabilities, built-in effects, and the availability of XLR line-outs for connectivity to PA systems make these amps incredibly versatile.

Lastly, the price point is, of course, a key component when considering a budget amp. With many high-quality options available under $500 and even under $200, a tight budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to compromise on tone or functionality. So, whether you’re a beginner, an amateur, or a professional looking for a reliable practice amp, the budget amp market offers a wide range of selections to cater to your needs and preferences.

Why It’s Good To Own A Budget Amp

Budget guitar amplifiers have come a long way in recent years, with the advent of solid-state, digital, and app-based technology revolutionizing the marketplace. These amplifiers now offer an impressive range and quality of tones, emulating the warmth and dynamics of their more expensive tube counterparts or delivering the precise and clear sound that solid-state amps are known for.

Apart from the diversity of sound, these amps also come in lighter and smaller formats, making them ideal for those who require portability. Whether you’re a touring musician needing a reliable practice amp for the road or a beginner with confined living spaces, a budget guitar amp’s size and weight can be a significant advantage.

Moreover, these budget amps often come with a wealth of additional features that make them excellent value for money. From built-in effects to USB connectivity for firmware upgrades and recording capabilities, these amps offer a level of versatility that was unimaginable in this price range a decade ago. Some even offer XLR line-outs for connectivity to PA systems, making them suitable for smaller live performances.

Finally, the pricing of these amps is, of course, a massive draw for many musicians. Many of these amps offer exceptional quality and functionality in a price range under $500 or even under $200. This affordability makes owning a guitar amp feasible for many more people, allowing beginner and amateur musicians to practice and perform with a quality of sound that might have been out of reach in the past.

Amplify Your Skills: Picking the Perfect Budget Guitar Amp

When it comes to affordable guitar amplifiers, there is no shortage of variety and quality on the market. From the versatile and classic-sounding Fender Champion 40 to the modern and tech-savvy Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amp, budget-friendly does not have to mean settling for less.

Each model we delved into carries its unique strengths, whether it’s the Boss Katana-100 MkII’s array of unique amp characters, the Peavey Vypyr VIP 2’s synth effects, or the Orange Crush 35RT’s ability to capture the valve sound authentically.

Choosing the right amplifier for you will depend on your needs and preferences. For those seeking the vintage vibe, the Supro Delta King 8 could be the ideal pick. If you’re a tech enthusiast who appreciates amp modelling and wireless interfaces, consider the Yamaha THR10 II Wireless or the Positive Grid Spark.

Before making your choice, consider what features are most important to you, which could range from the amplifier’s tone and versatility to its portability and practical features like headphone outputs and built-in tuners.

Remember, a good amp is not about how much it costs but how well it fits into your musical journey. With a budget-friendly amp, you can rock out without breaking the bank. So, tune up your guitar, plug in that amplifier, and let the music play!

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