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With so many brands and models out there, picking the right pair can be as tricky as mixing the perfect track. The best DJ headphones should offer excellent sound quality, comfort, durability, and noise isolation, among other features. To help you navigate this complex landscape, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide outlining the best DJ headphones in 2023.

We’ll break down each product by price, key benefits, and pros & cons. Whether you’re a seasoned DJ or an aspiring audiophile, this guide will help you find the perfect headphones for your needs.


1. Sennheiser HD 25

Sennheiser HD 25 DJ headphones


The Sennheiser HD 25 is a set of headphones designed for those who crave high-quality audio. Particularly recommended for metalheads and enthusiasts of harder genres, it delivers a lively, engaging sound that is crisp and detailed.

Known for its intense bass and perfect transient response, it successfully handles fast-paced music. These headphone showcase an impressive soundstage and imaging for a closed-back on-ear headphone. The HD 25 is also recognized for its durability and efficiency, outperforming competitors like the Audio-Technica M50x and Beyerdynamic DT770.

Key Benefits

  • Delivers a lively, engaging sound signature, suited to metal and harder genres
  • Known for its intense bass that doesn’t sound cheap
  • Excels in handling fast-paced music, perfect for transient response
  • Has a unique, efficient design that doesn’t require an amplifier
  • Built to last, being more durable than many competitors
  • Designed with a unique split headband for adjustment
  • Comes with a short, non-detachable cable and a 3.5mm jack with a 1/4″ adapter


The Sennheiser HD 25 comes in different versions, including the HD 25 Light, HD 25, and HD 25 Plus, each offering different features and price points. It’s regarded as a valuable investment for its exceptional sound quality and durability.

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Pros & Cons

This headphone performs exceptionally well in loud environments, with a firm grip on the head providing effective noise isolation. Its ability to withstand tough conditions and continue functioning properly even in extreme situations makes it a reliable choice for listeners.

However, comfort can be a drawback after extended periods of use due to its on-ear design. Being all black with no accent colors, it may not appeal to those who prefer more personalized or flashy headphones. Despite this, its resilience, durability, and the fact that almost every part is replaceable make it a worthy long-lasting investment.

One feature that may not be to everyone’s liking is the boosted bass response, which may not be ideal for mixing but is great for listening and DJing. The headphones perform well across all frequencies, but their response is not completely flat. This might stir some debate among professionals regarding their suitability for mixing. Despite these minor drawbacks, the HD25 headphones are still highly recommended for their sound performance and durability.


2. Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10

Pioneer Dj Hdj-X10 Professional Dj Headphones


The Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10 is a flagship DJ headphone from a well-known brand that has been creating audio products since 1994. This professional set of DJ headphones is the first to achieve official Hi-Res certification.

With accolades for reliability and well-designed for the challenges of DJ life, these headphones are a great investment for those looking for superior playback resolution.

Key Benefits

  • Hi-Res audio certification delivering high-resolution sound
  • Durable build that includes a nano-coating for resistance against sweat and dirt
  • Comfortable and adjustable fit for long periods of usage
  • Wide soundstage and excellent isolation ideal for DJs
  • Rigorous shock-tested design reassuring durability even under rough DJ use
  • Includes a durable carry case and two cables for connectivity


The Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10 is a premium product, priced around $370 USD.

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Pros & Cons

The Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10 is a sturdy and lightweight headphone that I have tested and used extensively in various settings, including gigs, travel, and studio use. The headphone’s build is durable and even passed the US military standard shock test, providing assurance of its robustness.

The sound quality of the HDJ-X10 is unique, as it is equipped with 50mm drivers that produce high-resolution sound across a wide frequency range. The bass is tight and precise, while the top end provides excellent clarity and stereo separation. The headphones even come with a 4-core twisted structure cable for superior sound separation.

The design of the HDJ-X10 has been praised for its comfort, build quality, and sound clarity, making it a top choice for DJs who prefer larger, more robust headphones. However, the more bass-heavy sound profile that is often preferred in DJing is not as emphasized in these headphones, leading to a more accurate, balanced but less bass-heavy sound. The treble may also come off as harsh to some, especially before burn-in.

The headphones have a nano coating on the pads and headband which resists deterioration from sweat and dirt, enhancing their durability even after heavy use. The package includes a coil cable, a straight cable, and a flat carry case with extra pockets, which is highly convenient for DJs who travel frequently.

On the downside, the HDJ-X10 may not be suitable for those who prefer a sleeker design or a luxury feel, given its bulkier fit and plastic finish. While Pioneer DJ offers cheaper options like the HDJ-X7 and HDJ-X5 for those who prefer smaller and lighter headphones, the HDJ-X10 still stands as a reliable choice for DJs who prioritize sound quality, comfort, and durability.

Despite a few drawbacks, the Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10 is highly recommended for its extraordinary clarity, replaceability, and overall quality, making it a reliable tool for DJs.



The AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular DJ preset Headphones


The AIAIAI TMA-2 is a modular headphone notable for its USB-C connectivity without any major tradeoff. As a Made For Google set of on-ear headphones, it stands out for its compatibility with smartphones and laptops, without the need for an app or other prerequisite.

Its modular design enables easy replacement of components, making it a suitable choice for current Android phone users and tinkerers. The TMA-2 MFG4 is part of the TMA-2 series, known for its interchangeable parts, and it highlights an eco-friendly design.

Key Benefits

  • Modular design for easy replacement and customization of components
  • Compatibility with USB-C audio
  • On-ear design with removable cloth padding
  • Consistent clamping force for secure fit
  • Digital USB-C audio functionality
  • In-cable DAC for compatibility with a standard USB-C port
  • Excellent sound quality with a rating of 7.5 out of 10 from users


The AIAIAI TMA-2 are positioned as a practical set of headphones, offering a simple design and a non-fatiguing sound signature. There are other options available at a similar price point, yet the TMA-2 stands out for its customizable design and high-quality sound.

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Pros & Cons

From an audio enthusiast’s point of view, the AIAIAI TMA-2 headphones are impressive due to their innovative modular design. This design makes customization incredibly straightforward – you can choose different headbands, speaker units, and cables, and assemble the parts at home.

The speaker units come with various sound characteristics, providing options for both a bass-heavy sound or a more balanced audio experience. This modular setup is specifically appreciated by DJs and those who value sound clarity and accuracy.

The headphones are designed with recycled materials, highlighting their eco-friendliness. Their build quality is durable, with a sleek design. The on-ear and over-ear ear pad options offer comfort and good noise isolation, contributing to the overall sound quality – which is clear, detailed, and well-praised.

However, it’s essential to mention that the headphones might not isolate low noise very well, and the sound quality can depend on the fit on the head. An imperfect fit could result in a loss of bass notes. While these headphones don’t offer active noise cancellation, they do provide good passive noise isolation. In addition, although the headphones come with a nylon case, some might find it a bit underwhelming. There are also occasional instances of audio cutting out when switching songs quickly.

The battery life can last around 40 hours, with a fast-charge option available via USB-C. Meanwhile, the dual microphone setup ensures clear voice quality during calls. Despite some minor downsides, the AIAIAI TMA-2 headphones continue to provide a customizable and high-quality listening experience.


4. V-Moda Crossfade M100 Master

The V-Moda Crossfade M100 Master


The V-Moda Crossfade M100 Master is a premium over-ear headphone that offers an unrivaled mix of sound quality, durability, and a travel-friendly design.

With its launch on July 16, 2019, these headphones have managed to satisfy the needs of audiophiles, gamers, and DJs alike with their high-res sound and compact design. They are built with robust materials and feature dual-diaphragm 50mm drivers with a Japanese CCAW coil, delivering a refined and immersive sound experience.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent sound quality that emphasizes midrange frequencies for outstanding vocal clarity.
  • High-quality build with a steel frame and durable materials.
  • Compact and travel-friendly, thanks to the unique CliqFold design.
  • Features 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers with a Japanese-made CCAW coil for improved sound stability.
  • The headphones offer customization options, allowing users to personalize the shields with custom full-color or laser-engraved designs.
  • Hi-Res Audio certified, delivering a sophisticated sound signature with an immersive 3D soundstage.
  • The M100 Master comes with a range of accessories, including two high-quality cables, a gold-plated 1/4-inch adapter, a carabiner clip, and a hard-shell carrying case.


The V-Moda Crossfade M100 Master is priced at roughly $250 USD, which is a sweet spot for premium headphones. This price includes value-added features like the inclusion of XL earpads and the Immortal Life Program, which allows customers to trade in old V-Moda headphones for a discount on their next purchase.

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Pros & Cons

The M100 Master is celebrated for its sound quality, build quality, and compact design. The emphasis on midrange frequencies allows vocals to stand out, while the bass and sub-bass frequencies are not as prominent. The headphones provide excellent noise isolation, effectively filtering out external noise. The headphones come with a clamshell carrying case that is appreciated for its durability.

The build quality is exceptional, with a headband that can be contorted in any direction without snapping, and a cable reinforced with aramid fiber to resist fraying. The design includes two 3.5mm inputs, allowing users to mix two audio sources simultaneously or share their audio with a friend.

The M100 Master’s comfort has been a highlight, with plush memory foam earpads and a flexible headband providing a comfortable fit for extended listening sessions. However, it is worth noting that the headphones might cause discomfort for those who wear glasses.

Despite being praised for the microphone quality, it also has room for improvement. While adequate for phone calls and conference calls, it is clear to the listener that the user is speaking from a headset mic.


5. Audio Technica ATH-M50x

The Audio Technica ATH-M50x


The Audio Technica ATH-M50x is a wired headphone that offers solid performance in both casual listening and recording scenarios. It is versatile and durable with good sound quality, making it a reliable choice for daily use.

Despite its age, the ATH-M50x still holds up well against its competitors by offering a studio-style sound profile and a pleasant listening experience. It’s a classic model that many liken to a Swiss Army Knife – all-around and trustworthy.

Key Benefits

  • Good sound quality with a studio-style profile
  • Swiveling and rotating ear cups for flexible use
  • Features three removable cables for varied connectivity
  • Durable build quality with a foldable design
  • 45mm dynamic drivers for robust audio performance
  • Comfortable ear pads for extended usage
  • Blocks out noise to some extent, suitable for gaming


The ATH-M50x is an affordable and reliable option delivering good sound quality. It is a worthy consideration even though it may not possess the latest features, as it still offers impressive performance.

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Pros & Cons

In my view, the ATH-M50x stands out with its balanced and rich sound signature, offering deep lows, well-adjusted mids, and detailed highs. The comfort of the fit, especially with the softer top band and ear cups, is worth noting. The noise-isolating seal it provides is fantastic for immersive listening.

However, a few cracks appear in its otherwise impressive facade. The proprietary cable connection may not be to everyone’s taste, and the build-up of heat can cause a bit of discomfort over long, continuous usage. Those who wear glasses may find it less comfortable due to the firm clamping force. Also, the bass might be a tad over-emphasized for some, potentially distorting the balance in sound.

Despite these minor setbacks, the ATH-M50x stands as a robust and reliable choice, especially for those seeking high-quality audio without breaking the bank. The headphones’ durability is commendable, capable of withstanding regular use, making them a great investment in the long run.


6. AKG K371

AKG K371 dj headphones


The AKG K371 is a wired, over-ear, closed-back headphone model that has been designed with both professional studio use and casual listening in mind. Being foldable and compact, these headphones are easy to carry around.

They are constructed with a mixture of plastic, metal, and synthetic leather materials, adding to their durability. The ear cups feature soft memory foam ear pads that fully encompass the ear, providing comfort for extended periods. The headphones operate on a frequency response range of 5Hz to 40kHz, enabling accurate reproduction of audio across the entire spectrum. They come with three detachable cables of different lengths and designs, all terminating with 3.5mm plugs.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent sound quality suitable for any genre of music
  • Comfortable to wear, even with glasses, with replaceable ear pads
  • Predominantly plastic build with a matte finish and a metal bracket for added durability
  • Portable and compact design
  • Comes with three cables of different lengths and designs, all compatible with 3.5mm plugs
  • Provides decent isolation, reducing external noise


The AKG K371 headphones are priced at $185 USD, offering high-quality sound and comfort for professionals and audio enthusiasts. A variation of the model with Bluetooth capabilities, the AKG K371-BT, is available at a slightly higher price point of $216.

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Pros & Cons

The AKG K371 headphones shine in many aspects. They deliver high-quality, balanced, and neutral sound, suitable for different genres of music. The comfort they offer is highly commendable, thanks to their snug ear coverage and soft ear pads. They also come with replaceable parts, increasing their longevity. In terms of portability, they are easy to carry around due to their foldable design.

However, the headphones have their share of drawbacks. They do not effectively block out background noise, which could be a bother in noisy environments. Furthermore, the headphones lack a built-in microphone and do not support a Bluetooth connection, limiting their functionality.

Despite these shortcomings, the AKG K371 headphones still serve as a reliable choice for those prioritizing sound quality and comfort.


7. Behringer HPX6000

Behringer HPX6000 DJ headphones


The Behringer HPX6000 are DJ-use headphones known for their bass-heavy sound. These headphones are not just for DJs, they are suitable for any bass-lovers who are looking for a budget-friendly alternative.

These headphones feature a closed-back, over-ear design, and a unique aesthetic with a healthy amount of plastic. Despite their budget build, they offer a decent level of comfort and come with a detachable, tangle-resistant coiled cable.

Key Benefits

  • Bass-heavy sound ideal for electronic and hip-hop music
  • Lightweight design that provides a decent level of comfort
  • Detachable, tangle-resistant coiled cable
  • Great value for money


The Behringer HPX6000 headphones come with an affordable price tag, offering great value for their modest cost. A warranty of 3 years is also included, which is a bonus.

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Pros & Cons

Right off the bat, I must mention that the HPX6000 is a top-range headphone with above-average scores in comfort, sound isolation, build quality, outlook/design, sound quality, and value. The 50mm driver, leather earbuds with extra padding, a gel pad on the top, and a foldable design are noteworthy features.

The gold-plated cable with a 90-degree tip, a straight tip, and a screw-off quarter-inch adapter is a nice addition. Plus, the HPX6000 comes with a storage and transport bag, which is a handy inclusion. The headphones are known for their warm sound, clear highs, and good bass.

However, as with any product, the Behringer HPX6000 also has its downsides. The dense sound quality might not appeal to everyone, especially those who prefer a clearer and more balanced sound. The overpowering bass tends to overshadow the mids and highs. Plus, the ear cups, despite being designed as over-ear, do not fully cover the ears, which might affect the noise isolation.

The construction of the headphones leans heavily on plastic, which might raise concerns about their durability. Despite these issues, the HPX6000 finds its place on the list of budget headphones for its quality and affordability.


8. Pioneer DJ CUE1 On-Ear DJ Headphone

The Pioneer DJ CUE1 On-Ear DJ Headphone


The Pioneer DJ CUE1 On-Ear DJ Headphone is a product specifically designed for DJs, offering high sound quality, comfort, and adaptability.

Built with the high stresses of DJing in mind, the headphones offer a professional-level quality at affordable prices. Both wired and Bluetooth options are available, providing flexibility based on how they are used. They come with a dynamic design that is both vibrant and customizable. Furthermore, these headphones are lightweight, foldable, and sturdy, making them easy to transport and store.

Key Benefits

  • Sound Quality: The headphones offer a professional-level sound quality, with dynamic drivers that deliver powerful bass and clear highs.
  • Comfortable Design: The headphones have a comfortable pro-style design, with ear cups that can turn a full 90 degrees and a flexible, cushioned headband.
  • Customizable Look: Users can personalize the headphones by switching out the cable and earpads for one of five brightly colored replacements.
  • Portable: Thanks to their lightweight and folding design, the headphones are compact and easy to carry for on-the-go DJing.
  • Versatility: The headphones come with both wired and Bluetooth options, providing flexibility for different usage scenarios.


The Pioneer DJ CUE1 headphones offer a professional-level sound quality and a comfortable design at an affordable price, making them a budget-friendly option for entry-level DJs.

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Pros & Cons

From my perspective, the Pioneer DJ CUE1 On-Ear DJ Headphone is a reliable product that provides a solid DJing experience.

One of its noticeable advantages is its sound quality. The bass is strong and distinct and comes with distinct mid-range and high-pitched clarity. This makes them suitable for DJs making their initial foray into the DJing world as they don’t muddy tones together in more complicated mixes.

The headphones also stand out in terms of design and comfort. The ear cups can rotate up to 90 degrees, which allows for comfortable monitoring and the ability to listen with one ear while the headphones are draped around the neck.

However, they might apply pressure on the ears, which can be uncomfortable, especially for long periods of use for those wearing glasses. Also, while the headphones support both wired and wireless listening options, they do not support Bluetooth multipoint, which can be a little inconvenient for some.

On the downside, the headphones do not come with a carrying case, and they rely on microUSB for charging. Additionally, the headphones rely on isolation to block out noise and do not have active noise cancellation, which can be a downside for some looking for this feature.

In terms of sound profile, the headphones have a consumer-friendly sound profile that suits popular genres and party music. This can be a good thing for DJs but may not appeal to audiophiles seeking a more neutral sound profile.


The Importance of Comfort and Durability in DJ Headphones

DJ headphones aren’t just about sound. They’re about blocking out external noise and isolating individual instruments, letting you create tracks with precision. To do this effectively, you’ll want headphones that are comfortable and durable.

Comfort is key for those long DJ sets or mixing sessions. You’ll want to consider factors like ear cup material, replaceable ear pads, an adjustable headband, and sufficient padding. The design shouldn’t exert excessive pressure or cause discomfort, and the weight should be evenly distributed to avoid strain.

Durability is just as important. DJ headphones take a beating, from hot and sweaty clubs to outdoor events exposed to the elements. They’re packed and unpacked, thrown into bags, dropped, and generally subjected to rough treatment. So, you’ll need headphones that can withstand frequent use under various conditions. A thick and durable cable is a good start. Also, look for headphones with replaceable components, like the cable and ear pads, to extend their lifespan.

So, when you’re shopping for DJ headphones, don’t overlook the importance of comfort and durability. These attributes will ensure your headphones can handle the demands of DJing and keep you comfortable during those long hours of use.

Important DJ Headphone Specifications

Your DJ headphones need to be comfy for long periods of use, and they’ve got to be sturdy enough to handle regular travel and live performances. High-quality materials and construction are key to achieving this. You’ll want an adjustable and padded headband to fit different head sizes and ear cups that are cushioned and large enough to cover your ears fully. This provides good noise isolation and prevents sound leakage.

Your DJ headphones should have a closed-back design to keep sound leakage to a minimum and provide better isolation from external noise. This is important because as a DJ, you’ll often be performing in loud environments and need to concentrate on the music you’re mixing. The drivers in your DJ headphones need to be powerful and responsive, delivering clear and accurate sound reproduction across a broad frequency range. You’ll want a frequency response that’s wide enough to accurately reproduce low bass frequencies and high treble frequencies.

When it comes to technical specs, the impedance of the headphones should be low to ensure they’re compatible with a wide range of audio devices. Basically, the lower the impedance, the easier it is for the headphones to convert an electrical signal into sound you can hear. Plus, your DJ headphones should have a detachable cable for easy replacement and storage. The cable needs to be long enough to give you freedom of movement but not so long that it gets tangled.

Other features you might want to consider include a foldable design for easy storage and portability, balanced weight to avoid discomfort during long periods of use, and a stylish and professional look that reflects your personal style as a DJ. But remember, the most reliable way to assess these features is often to read reviews and compare different models to find the best DJ headphones that meet your specific needs and preferences. Ultimately, the best DJ headphones will offer a combination of excellent sound quality, comfort, durability, and practical features.

Choose Wisely

When it comes to boosting your DJ experience, the right pair of headphones can make all the difference. From the thunderous bass of the Sennheiser HD 25 to the customizable design of the AIAIAI TMA-2, to the unbeatable blend of sound quality and durability of the V-Moda Crossfade M100 Master, each of these headphones has unique features tailored to your needs and preferences.

The trick is figuring out what features are most important to you. Whether you’re after stability and comfort, a more immersive sound experience, or maybe you’re chasing a bass-heavy audio thrill, the choice ultimately boils down to your unique DJ style and personal preferences.

We’ve provided a range of options to hopefully make your headphone search a bit easier. Remember, the perfect DJ headphones do more than just deliver sound – they should enhance your overall DJ experience, adding an aural dimension to your music, and helping you create mixes that not only sound good but feel good too.

So go ahead, and make your choice. And remember, the best DJ headphones aren’t just about technical prowess or price – they’re a reflection of your personality and passion. Choose wisely, and enjoy the journey. You’re not just picking a tool, but a partner in your musical journey. Happy mixing!


Andrew Scrivens

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