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Do you fancy learning guitar in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, and best of all with no one watching you? Then, I have some great news for you. Today,  finding the best online guitar course means that it has never been more accessible. As a long-time guitar teacher, I can confirm that it is one hundred per cent possible to start or continue your guitar learning, practically without limitation, using nothing but online resources!

Sure, you’ll need to bring your own enthusiasm and commitment. You’ll need to be willing to put in some work. After all, nothing good comes for free. However, when it comes to the steps you need to take in order to progress, this guide is a promise that the best online guitar courses on the market today will take you where you want to go in the shortest possible time. Welcome to the ultimate guide to finding the best online guitar course. Choosing the right one for you can be overwhelming so I have taken the pain out of the equation for you. From comprehensive multi-level courses to genre-specific lessons, I’ve carefully reviewed and rated the top guitar learning platforms so you don’t have to.

1. Guitar Tricks – My #1 Choice

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Guitar Tricks is a widely-recognized as being a top candidate for best online guitar course, having established its presence in the industry since 1998. As a pioneer, it offers a comprehensive learning experience for guitar enthusiasts of all stages, from beginners to advanced players. Amassing and organising a library of teaching material to suit any student, at any level, pursuing any possible genre or set of guitar techniques, is no small feat! Guitar Tricks have traversed this challenge admirably over their 20 years of teaching.

They have more than 11,000 videos, 900+ songs, and a plethora of resources like a tone guide and scale finder, the platform caters to a variety of musical styles, including blues, rock, jazz, classical and even surf guitar! It is Available across desktop, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and learners can conveniently improve their skills under the guidance of 34 instructors specialized in the different aspects of complete guitar playing.

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for all levels of guitar players, from beginners to advanced.
  • Provides a balance between detailed and concise lessons, making learning comprehensive yet manageable.
  • Offers an extensive library of over 11,000 videos and 900+ songs to learn from.
  • 34 specialized instructors provide a range of expertise and learning styles.
  • It includes artist studies, giving learners insights into how famous guitarists approach the instrument.
  • Available on various devices for convenient access.


Guitar Tricks offers flexible pricing options to cater to different budgets and commitments. Users can opt for a monthly subscription at $19.99 or choose an annual subscription for $179.99. For those unsure about committing, a free 14-day trial is available to explore the platform and its features.

Pros & Cons

I believe that Guitar Tricks presents the most impressive array of benefits of all the online guitar courses. It offers comprehensive and detailed lessons, a vast collection of songs across different genres, highly-structured courses, and personalized learning experiences through one-to-one instructor-led lessons. Additionally, I find the interface to be super user-friendly, with simple navigation for users of all tech levels.

There are perhaps some minor areas for improvement. At times I noticed minor bugs in their video player that were a tiny bit annoying. The platform also seemed a little anaemic in te bass guitar learning material, which is something that I really feel should be included. Finally, while the interface is functional and looks decent, it may not be quite as appealing compared to some of the competitors. And if you’re a pop fan, the song library might feel somewhat limited.

Now, all of that said, it’s clear to me that Guitar Tricks covers the extremely broad landscape of learning guitar in a very comprehensive way. It continues to be a major player in the online guitar learning market, having been a popular choice, especially during the pandemic when online guitar lessons saw a surge in demand.


2. TrueFire

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TrueFire is a comprehensive online platform dedicated to guitar learning, catering to the needs of beginners, intermediate, and advanced players alike. The platform is packed with a variety of features, including instructional video lessons, one-on-one lessons, backing tracks, and video jam tracks.

TrueFire also offers Android and iOS apps for learning on the go. The platform’s Learning Paths provide a well-structured approach to learning guitar, with distinct levels and courses for a variety of genres including blues, jazz, rock, acoustic, country, and bass. Additionally, TrueFire provides access to lessons from renowned guitarists and facilitates interaction among its users through a blog and forum.

Key Benefits

  • TrueFire offers a vast library of over 50,000 video lessons, including lessons from famous guitarists like Joe Bonamassa, Steve Vai, and Tommy Emmanuel.
  • The platform provides a user-friendly interface and features designed to enhance learning. These features include multiple camera angles, synced notation and tablature, and the ability to slow down or loop videos.
  • The courses available range from basic skills to more advanced techniques, with additional supplementary courses for diving deeper into specific techniques.
  • TrueFire’s lessons feature a Song Learning System that focuses on teaching accurate guitar parts and preparing students for live performances.
  • The platform has received positive reviews and ratings from both amateur and professional players.


TrueFire’s pricing structure is flexible, depending on the chosen courses and lessons. The platform offers both free and paid lessons. Users can opt to purchase individual courses or subscribe to a monthly or annual plan. A free trial is also available for new users, giving them a chance to explore the platform before making a commitment. However, it should be noted that some premium content such as jam tracks and premium channels come at an additional cost.

Pros & Cons

As a user, I can vouch for the fact that TrueFire’s massive library of video lessons and courses, provided in a structured and user-friendly manner, is a definite pro. The platform’s unique features like multiple camera angles and the ability to slow down videos significantly enhance the learning experience.

However, TrueFire does have a limited song library in comparison to some competitors, which could be a con for some users. Moreover, while most of the content is included in the subscription, the additional cost for premium content could be a downside for some.


3. Guitareo

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Guitareo is an acclaimed online platform for learning guitar, providing a well-structured curriculum and a large range of songs to master. Featuring three main sections, namely, Method, Songs, and Coaches, Guitareo offers a comprehensive learning experience for aspiring guitarists.

The Method section, encompassing a 10-level curriculum, guides beginners from the ground up to early intermediate skills. Brimming with over 500 easy-to-read, print-friendly song charts, the Songs section ensures an engaging learning journey. In the Coaches section, learners receive feedback and lessons from experienced guitarists, including talents like Ayla Tesler-Mabe. Guitareo functions under the umbrella of Musora, an expansive e-learning platform that also hosts Pianote, Drumeo, and Singeo.

Key Benefits

  • Features a well-structured 10-level curriculum catering to beginners’ needs
  • Offers a vast selection of over 500 songs to learn
  • Engages experienced guitarists for lessons and feedback
  • Constantly updated with new content for continuous learning
  • Fosters a sense of community with community guide, forums, and comment sections
  • Provides bite-sized video lessons for self-paced learning
  • Emphasizes on musical theory as part of the learning journey
  • Replicates the experience of in-person guitar lessons


Guitareo offers two pricing options to its users. You can choose between a monthly membership priced at $15, or you can opt for an annual subscription, which costs $127. This affords you complete access to all the resources and features of the platform, and you also enjoy the security of a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Pros & Cons

Speaking from personal experience, Guitareo offers a user-friendly interface and navigation with attention to detail in designing the user interface and user experience. It’s comprehensive curriculum and personalized support make it an ideal choice for beginners and early intermediate players.

However, the platform may not cater to the needs of intermediate to advanced players or those looking for specialized styles of guitar playing. Despite its charismatic appeal for beginners and early intermediates, it presents a smaller repository of content for advanced players and specialized styles. For these learners, alternatives like Jam Track Central and Truefire may be worth considering. As such, while being an excellent entry-level platform, it doesn’t get my vote as a contender for the best online guitar course.


4. Fender Play

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Fender Play came into the limelight in 2017 as an online instrument learning platform by Fender Musical Instruments. The program aims to provide comprehensive lessons for guitar, bass, and ukulele. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or someone looking to get back into playing, Fender Play can be your go-to platform.

The lessons are structured around video tutorials guided by professional instructors, spanning across a range of genres such as rock, blues, pop, country, and more. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, with a clean and intuitive design, making your learning journey as seamless as possible.

Key Benefits

Here are some of the best features of Fender Play:

  • Offers comprehensive lessons for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, and bass.
  • High-quality video lessons divided into easily comprehendible parts.
  • Lessons cover a wide array of genres, including rock, blues, pop, country, and folk.
  • Access to a library of over 2,000 songs by popular artists, with new songs added every week.
  • User-friendly design with both desktop and app versions available.


As for the pricing, Fender Play offers a free trial to help you decide if it’s a good fit for you. After the trial period, you can opt for a monthly subscription at $19.99 or go for the annual plan, which costs $12.50 per month when billed annually. There is also a special package where the monthly subscription is as low as $9.99 and an annual subscription is available for $89.99. Always be on the lookout for promotional offers or discounts for new subscribers.

Pros & Cons

While reviewing Fender Play, I’ve found a lot to love about the platform, but it does have its drawbacks. The user-friendly interface, both on desktop and the app, is definitely a plus. The program provides a clear learning path, which is incredibly helpful for beginners, and they’re constantly adding new content to keep things fresh.

However, one major drawback we’ve noticed is the lack of advanced material. Some of the early song choices seem to be oversimplified, and critics have pointed out that the content might lack depth and substance. We’ve also stumbled upon some issues like video freezing or the audio playing on while the video stops. Lastly, there have been some complaints about customer service, with users struggling to get a response or cancel their subscriptions. It’s important to be aware of these potential issues before deciding if Fender Play is the right fit for your learning journey.



A banner for the jamplay online guitar course


JamPlay is a renowned online platform providing exceptional guitar lessons. Boasting over half a million members, it offers a vast library of over 9,000 lessons. The platform covers an extensive range of genres and styles, and it’s not uncommon to find lessons from renowned artists such as Tom Morello, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton.

The learning experience on JamPlay is tiered in four phases, which include beginner lessons, specific genre lessons, song lessons, and songwriting. Their platform is user-friendly on multiple devices, and they even provide features like progress tracking and supplementary materials.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive set of guitar training video lessons
  • Lessons taught by experienced instructors specializing in various genres and techniques
  • Accessibility on multiple devices with features like progress tracking
  • Wide range of content covering technique development, song lessons, songwriting, and improvisation
  • A competitive yearly subscription with affordable pricing
  • Money-back guarantee within the first week of membership


JamPlay provides two price structures to cater to various budget preferences. You can choose a monthly subscription at $19.95 or opt for the yearly subscription at $159.95, which offers more value.

Pros & Cons

Speaking from our experience, the benefits of JamPlay are quite compelling. It offers an extensive array of guitar training video lessons with excellent bonus features. What’s more, the yearly subscription is more affordable compared to some competitors. It’s also worth noting that the lessons are taught by seasoned instructors specializing in different genres and techniques.

On the flip side, we did notice a few areas that could use improvement. The content seemed outdated with no indications of regular updates, new materials, or live workshops. The beginner content was slightly dull compared to other platforms, and the path for learning wasn’t clear. This lack of direction could potentially confuse beginners on where to start or what to do next. Lastly, the website’s design and layout were a bit overwhelming, making it difficult for users to navigate seamlessly.


6.ArtistWorks Guitar

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ArtistWorks Guitar is a well-established online learning service for aspiring and professional guitarists. Born out of the vision of David and Patricia Butler in 2008, the platform is based in California and boasts an impressive library of over 32,000 guitar lessons. ArtistWorks provides a unique opportunity for learners to interact with professional musicians for quality guitar lessons that are comprehensive and cover a range of genres.

Notable instructors include Martin Taylor, Paul Gilbert, Jared James Nichols, and Keith Wyatt. The platform goes beyond the confines of guitar, offering a range of courses for various instruments, making it an all-encompassing hub for musicians.

Key Benefits

  • Personalized feedback system: ArtistWorks offers a unique video exchange system where students get tailored feedback from their instructors.
  • Interactive learning community: The platform’s video exchange library allows students to learn from each other’s video submissions.
  • Reputable instructors: The platform features well-known guitarists and industry legends as instructors.
  • Comprehensive content: From practical skills to chords, scales, and songs, ArtistWorks has a rich repository of lessons.
  • Bluegrass special: ArtistWorks is particularly lauded for its excellent bluegrass guitar lessons taught by Bryan Sutton.


The ArtistWorks subscription plans cater to different learner needs and budgets, starting from $35 per month for a 3-month plan. The platform offers three pricing tiers: 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. Each subscription level unlocks different features and resources, with the 12-month plan offering the most advantages. Prices range from $105 for the basic 3-month plan to $279 for the comprehensive 12-month plan.

Pros & Cons

As a user of ArtistWorks, we appreciate its personalized approach to learning. The video exchange system is a refreshing feature that fosters a supportive learning community, while the one-on-one interaction with instructors via the Shoutbox messaging app enriches the learning experience. Another big plus is the quality of teaching, which is consistently high across the platform.

Despite these benefits, there are a few areas where ArtistWorks could improve. For one, the platform lacks some features like live tab/notation and an animated fingerboard. Also, the cost might seem a bit steep compared to other online guitar lesson platforms. Yet, considering the personalized support, the quality of instructors, and the extensive lesson library, we believe the value offered justifies the price.


7. JustinGuitar

A banner for an online guitar course by justin guitar


JustinGuitar is a highly esteemed online tutorial site for guitar players of all levels. It’s the brainchild of Justin Sandercoe, who started the site in 2003. As a resource for guitarists, it’s cultivated quite a following thanks to its tri-level learning path that caters to beginners, intermediate, and advanced players alike.

Each learning level is further divided into grades and modules, making the learning process structured and easy to follow. The website is regularly updated with new songs to learn, and for those wanting a deeper dive into guitar playing, JustinGuitar offers paid courses and instructional materials.

Key Benefits

  • Top-notch teaching quality with clear and concise instructions. Subtitles are also available in multiple languages for an inclusive learning experience.
  • User-friendly interface and easy navigation, facilitating a seamless learning journey.
  • Comprehensive video lessons that are well-produced and come with a host of supportive materials like diagrams, tabs, and text explanations.
  • A broad base of lesson topics, offering everything from basic open chords to advanced techniques such as barre chords and lead playing.
  • A vast library of songs catering to diverse styles and skill levels, enabling learners to apply their skills practically.


What sets JustinGuitar apart is that a good portion of its content is free. However, for those who wish to explore more advanced techniques or need more structured guidance, there are premium courses and instructional books available for purchase.

Pros & Cons

From our perspective, there are several pros to using JustinGuitar. The quality of teaching is top-notch, with straightforward instructions that are easy to follow. The site’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate, and the array of well-produced video lessons, supported by diagrams, tabs, and text explanations, makes learning a breeze.

On the downside, while a lot of the content is free, some users may find the cost of the premium content a bit steep. Nevertheless, considering the wealth of knowledge you get in return, it’s an investment worth considering for those serious about mastering the guitar.


8. JTC Guitar

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JTC Guitar, colloquially known as Jam Track Central, is a top-notch platform for individuals looking to enhance their guitar playing skills. This platform distinguishes itself by offering courses specifically designed by renowned figures in the virtuosic solo-guitar world. As a browser-friendly platform, JTC Guitar can be accessed on a range of devices, including PCs, Macs, iPads, and Tablets. The platform primarily focuses on guitar courses catering to classical, acoustic, and electric guitars, with a significant emphasis on electric guitar.

One unique aspect of JTC Guitar is its unstructured learning approach, allowing learners to pick and choose courses that pique their interest. The courses, neatly categorized into lesson packs, masterclasses, and online courses, offer different levels of depth and coverage.

Key Benefits

  • JTC Guitar provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn from world-class guitarists.
  • A unique feature of JTC Guitar is its Bootcamp, where learners can receive personalized feedback on their playing from artists.
  • It is a noteworthy resource for intermediate and advanced guitarists seeking to advance their skills.
  • The platform features a broad selection of high-quality guitar courses, offering a distinctive learning experience for guitar enthusiasts.
  • The visually appealing and interactive interface, inclusive of smart video looping and IR Cabinet Tones for realistic amp simulations, enhances the learning experience.


With JTC Guitar, you have the chance to try out the platform with a 14-day trial. If you find it a good fit for your learning needs, you can then purchase individual downloadable courses, with prices starting from £19.99 per course.

Pros & Cons

In my experience with JTC Guitar, I’ve found that it offers an interactive learning experience with a vast library of jam tracks for practice, and the creative and unique lesson topics are certainly a major pro. However, it’s not without its cons.

The lack of a structured learning path might be off-putting for some learners who prefer a more guided approach. The platform design can feel a bit scattered, and the absence of rhythm guitar lessons may not cater to all learner’s needs. Nonetheless, its unique features and learning opportunities certainly make it a platform worth considering for any serious guitar enthusiast.

Can You Really Learn Guitar From An Online Course?

Especially since the COVID pandemic, online guitar lessons have gained significant traction among music enthusiasts of all skill levels. After all, it makes total sense. The appeal lies in their convenience and versatility.

They are usually tailored to suit different learning styles and paces, and should provide a structured learning experience right from the comfort of your home. This convenience is further enhanced as the best online guitar courses will be accessible across multiple devices, including laptops, phones, and tablets, allowing you to learn wherever and whenever suits you best.

While it’s true that face-to-face lessons offer instant feedback, online lessons have adapted to incorporate similar benefits. Many platforms offer the opportunity for learners to interact with professional musicians, receive personalized feedback, and even share their progress with a community of like-minded learners. This community aspect can significantly enhance the learning experience, as it provides a sense of motivation and camaraderie that can otherwise be missing in self-study contexts. The size of the platform is usually indicative of the depth of community around it, meaning that finding one of the best online guitar courses is preferable for those who benefit from group dynamics and real feedback.

The key to success with online guitar lessons, as with any form of learning, is dedication, patience and persistence.

With the right resources and a committed approach, I have seen that is absolutely possible to learn and even master guitar skills online. However, I will add that to become a “complete” guitar player, you’ll want to supplement digital learning with real-world experience. This might include jamming with other musicians, playing small gigs or recording guitar parts, to truly hone your skills and gain practical proficiency in the instrument. For some aspects of learning guitar, there’s truly no substitute for non-digital experiences.

That said though, learning guitar online is a huge part of the answer and deserves the central place it is adopting in recreational or even academic musical education, worldwide. The effectiveness of online guitar courses hinges on finding the best online guitar course for you. It should align with your learning style, budget, and skill level, and provide features and resources that actually help you to grow.

With the right platform and approach, let me reiterate: you can certainly master the art of playing the guitar from the comfort of your home.

The Benefits Of Learning Guitar From Online Courses

Digital technology has revolutionized the way we learn, making high-quality education accessible to everyone One of the most irresistable advantages of online guitar lessons is their convenience and flexibility. They are accessible across multiple devices, including laptops, phones, and tablets, enabling you to learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your home, or wherever you choose.

This freedom to learn at your convenience, coupled with the structured and comprehensive learning experience they offer, makes these platforms an attractive alternative to traditional lessons. Just compare driving to your weekly guitar lesson, after work, while sitting in traffic to being able to get a similar experience whenever and wherever you want!

The best online guitar lessons can also be more affordable than the traditional approach. Most platforms offer a free trial period, allowing you to try out different options before committing to a paid subscription.

If you’re a beginner who is trying to find their way, this ability to trial products, teachers, methods and genres is gold. It allows you to really dive in, with no blockages to your own creative path and this is something that I really encourage.

Another major benefit of online guitar lessons is the ability to access high-quality content and learn from top instructors. You don’t need to rely on whoever might happen to live in your town or city. The best online guitar lessons feature real professional guitarists as their instructors, providing a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience that can be invaluable for learners at all stages.

Moreover, most platforms have a broad base of lesson topics and a vast library of songs catering to different styles and skill levels. This allows learners to gain a wide range of knowledge and skills, from basic open chords to advanced techniques, and apply them practically.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is that online guitar lessons offer a sense of community.

Many of the best platforms facilitate interaction between learners and instructors, allowing for personalized feedback and support. Some platforms even offer features like progress tracking and supplementary materials, boosting the learning experience further.


As someone who has taught in-person guitar lessons for a long time, I simply must tip my hat to the insurmountable role that learning online should be having on every beginner guitar player. While face-to-face lessons will always be the answer to more specific, nuanced technique discussions and creative complexties, the best online guitar lessons offer too many benefits to overlook. I’d even go so far as saying that they should be the starting point for 99% of guitar students. With the right resources and commitment, online guitar lessons can be an invaluable tool in your guitar learning journey and can take you from zero to guitar-hero in the most practical  and convenient of ways.

Andrew Scrivens

Andrew Scrivens

I am a live musician and guitar teacher from Brisbane, Australia, with extensive experience playing live, in the studio and for TV shows. I play in many venues, studios, music shops and with my students and as such am exposed to a lot of different gear. I form my opinions based on my experiences playing instruments in these locations.

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