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If you’re like most people, you probably spend a lot of time listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, and watching videos on the go. Whether you’re working out, commuting to work, or just trying to relax at home, a great set of wired earphones can make your listening experience a lot more immersive and enjoyable. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the nine best wired earbuds of 2022.

We’ll discuss what makes these earbuds great and highlight their respective features and prices. So whether you’re in the market for your first pair of earbuds or are just looking for an upgrade, read on for the best options out there.

What are the best wired earbuds of 2022?

When it comes to choosing the best wired earbuds available on the market today, one of the most important factors to consider is sound quality. You’ll want to make sure that your earphones offer a clear, full, and detailed sound, so you can enjoy your music, podcasts, or videos to the fullest.

Another important factor to consider is comfort. You’ll be wearing your earbuds for long periods and while doing different activities, so it’s important to find a pair that feels comfortable in your ears, is lightweight, and that won’t hurt your ear canals after extended use.

Finally, you’ll want to think about the features you want. For instance, some earphones come with inline microphones and remote controls, so you can use them for hands-free calling. Others come with active noise-cancellation technology, so you can enjoy your music even in loud environments.

In addition, it is important to consider subtle design details such as cable length, cable material and the quality of the headphone jack. Limitations or irritations due to inattention to these minor features can become quite annoying if you purchase cheap earbuds. Be sure that you don’t spend too little and regret it later.

Wondering what your priorities should be? This article will help you to decide on the right pair for you. And whatever your priorities are, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find the perfect pair of earbuds on the following list we created for you.

1) Sennheiser CX 300S


The Sennheiser CX300S wired earbuds offer great features at a reasonable price. Firstly, the sound quality is excellent thanks to Sennheiser’s transducer technology. This means that users will be able to enjoy detailed and clear sound reproduction, as well as enhanced bass response. The angled design of the earpieces also provides better isolation and an excellent, comfortable fit.

Additionally, the in-line remote control allows users to pause music and take calls on all devices – an invaluable feature for people who switch tasks on their phones all day. Lastly, the 18-ohm transducers provide exceptional compatibility with smartphones, computers, and tablets. Overall, the CX 300S earphones are a great example of cheap earbuds that still deliver a full sound with a good frequency response.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Transducer technology to enhance low frequencies
  • Angled earpiece design for maximum isolation and comfort
  • In-line remote for hands-free use
  • Set of four ear adapters (XS, S, M, and L)
  • Available in Black, Red, and White
  • Great compatibility with mobile devices and laptops
  • Cable with elliptical design avoids unwanted tangling

Available on Amazon for $59.00

2) Mee M6 Pro (2nd Generation)


The Mee M6 Pro wired in-ear headphones deliver great sound quality and comfort at such a competitive price. Thanks to the improved build and sound quality of the second-generation model, these in-ear headphones are a great choice for anyone on a budget but without sacrificing the quality of your listening experience.

The Mee M6 Pro earbuds feature an ultra-thin diaphragm and an aluminium voice coil to ensure more movement than conventional drivers. The result is clear and high-definition audio with a balanced sound. The 2nd-generation model of these wired earbuds underwent even more careful tuning to deliver smooth, rounded treble and accurate mids above the 2kHz bandwidth.

The lightweight in-ear design of these earbuds combined with the supplied memory foam tips assures great comfort and noise-cancellation for a great listening experience. The flexible memory cable and the extra ear tips provide a personalized and secure fit. All parts are designed to sustain tough conditions and are sweat-resistant. With great features and excellent sound quality, the Mee M6 is surely one of the best wired earbuds available today.

Available for $49.99 at

Available on Amazon for $59.45


  • Moving coil driver for optimal sound and response
  • Finely-tuned earphones for natural treble and accurate mids
  • Lightweight design and strong materials offer comfort and durability
  • Seven ear tips sizes for maximum comfort and secure fit
  • The microphone and remote are compatible with phones and tablets
  • Accessories include a carrying case, ear tips, shirt clips, a spare cable, and a ¼” adapter
  • Available in four colours
  • Optional customized ear tips and faceplates

3) 1More Triple Driver


The 1MORE Triple Driver in-ear headphones are one of the best wired earbuds available today. Being the first THX-certified earphones, they will surely be a success among audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

The 1MORE Triple driver wired earbuds are built with durable materials such as their aluminium alloy housing and 1.2m braided cable wrapped in Kevlar fibres. The two armatures and dynamic driver provide great sound balance and detail and will allow you to hear all the layers and details of your favourite music.

The Triple Driver wired earphones were specifically tuned by award-winning engineer Luca Bignardi to reproduce music with great fidelity and quality. The overall warm and detailed tone they deliver is enhanced by a mid-bass boost and clear, natural mids, which are perfect for highlighting the human voice.

The oblique angle of their design guarantees a secure and comfortable fit as well as the different sizes of ear tips supplied. The inline remote features three buttons that allow you to control volume, take phone calls, and switch tracks conveniently. The in-built MEMS microphone ensures that your calls are noise-free and crystal clear.


Available for $99.99 at Amazon


  • THX certified product to deliver the highest audio standards
  • Engineered with a single driver and two armatures for exceptional sound clarity and stability
  • Powerful lows and soaring highs frequencies for a fully immersive listening experience
  • Made with strong and durable materials
  • Angle build for eliminating background noise and secure, comfortable fit
  • Inline remote and microphone
  • Available in Gold or Silver colour

4) Audio Technica ATH E40


The ATH-E40 wired earphones are designed for professional use, with a focus on providing excellent music monitoring, sound quality, and overall comfort. The dual-phase push-pull driver design delivers powerful bass and clear mid and high frequencies, while the specially designed housings create a snug fit that offers good noise isolation.

You can enjoy excellent frequency response and a balanced sound while experiencing no ambient noise. These features ensure you will experience the full range of emotions and sonic layers music is aimed at conveying, whether you are on stage or listening to your favourite tracks on the go.

The supplied silicone ear tips come in four sizes for a custom fit, and the detachable cable is equipped with A12DC connectors for easy connection to audio devices. The carrying case protects the headphones when not in use and makes them easy to transport.

Even though the ATH-E40 are a bit more expensive and designed with professionals in mind, they are one of the best wired earbuds on the market today for anyone who values a high-quality listening experience.

Available for $169.99 at


  • Dual phase push-pull driver for exceptional monitoring, precision, and clarity
  • Customizable loops for a precise ‘over-the-ear’ custom fit
  • Housings specifically built for great noise cancellation
  • Newly developed A2DC (Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial) connectors deliver great connectivity and avoid unwanted rotation
  • Silicone eartips in four differnent sizes (XS, S, M, and L)
  • Carrying case and 6.4-inch adapter supplied

5) Shure Aonic 215


The Shure Aonic 215 wired earphones are a great option for those looking for quality sound. These earphones feature a single dynamic driver in each ear, which provides robust lows and excellent definition. The Shure Aonic 215 earbuds feature sound isolation technology which can cancel out up to 37dB of external noise.

Their stylish and fitting design ensures a comfortable and secure fit for exercise and travel alike. In addition, the Shure MicroDriver technology enables the earphones to reproduce sound frequencies between 22Hz-17.Khz with astonishing accuracy. The Aonic 215 in-ear headphones also come with a detachable cord including an inline remote and microphone, which allows you to adjust volume, music playback, and voice commands.

With their active noise-cancelling technology and well-balanced sound, the Shure Aonic 215 are one of the best wired earbuds we came across. The only downside is that their price is higher than the other products reviewed in this list.

Available for $189.00 on Amazon


Excellent sound clarity and powerful low frequencies

  • Low-profile and lightweight design for comfortable fit
  • Noise cancellation of up to 37dB
  • Built with durable materials and 2 year warranty
  • Integrated remote and microphone for effortless control over phone calls and device’s commands
  • Supplied kit for precise fitting
  • Available in four colours (Black, Blue, White, and Clear)

6) Final E3000


The Final E3000 wired earbuds were designed through careful application of the latest know-how in acoustic engineering. They deliver great audio quality that showcases a smooth response across the frequency spectrum, making sure that every band sounds clear and natural.

The earpieces feature a swing fit mechanism which allows them to move both side to side and also tilt forward and backwards. This guarantees both a comfortable fit and precise adherence to the ear canal, thus ensuring that the sound is transferred to the eardrum without losing clarity and volume.

The housings are made of stainless steel which minimizes the presence of unwanted vibrations. The mirror finish and simplistic design make these earbuds stylish and functional. The earpieces come in five different sizes and are made of soft silicone. The supplied ear hooks both guarantee a comfortable fit and reduce cable noise caused by the rubbing of the cord on the user’s clothing.

Available for $79 on Amazon


  • Designed with the latest knowledge in acoustic engineering
  • A balanced and smooth response across all frequencies
  • 6.4mm diameter dynamic driver for excellent precision
  • Stainless steel housings minimize unwanted vibrations
  • Swing fit mechanism for precise fitting
  • 5 different sizes of earbuds made of soft silicone
  • Cable made of coated and soft material for flexibility and noise reduction
  • Ear hooks and pouch supplied


7) Linsoul Tin HiFi T2


The Tin HiFi T2 are one of the best and most affordable wired earbuds on the market. They provide stunning sound quality at such a competitive price. Thanks to the combination of a dynamic 10mm woofer and a 6mm tweeter, these earphones deliver a pure and natural sound with a great balance between low and high frequencies.

The bass notes are powerful and elastic, while the highs are rich, supple, and well-rounded. The Tin HiFi T2 earphones display metal shells with a shiny finish and a braided removable MMCX cable that wraps around your ears. The colour-coding in red and blue allows you to distinguish the left and right earbuds easily and adds a touch of uniqueness to the design.

The supplied set of different sizes of extra ear tips and memory foams guarantee a comfortable and custom fit. The lack of remote control and integrated microphone makes these earbuds not suitable for operating your phone.

Available for $65.98 at

Available for $75.98 on Amazon


  • Premium earbuds with stunning audio quality
  • Natural sound with excellent balance among all frequencies
  • Affordable price
  • Metal shells and braided cable
  • Suitable for audiophiles
  • Colour-coding in red and blue to easily distinguish the earbuds
  • Set of silicone and foam ear tips for a customised fit

8) Mackie CR-Buds+


Thanks to decades of experience in building quality gear for artists, the Mackie CR-Buds+ feature a warm and high-end sound that is rich in detail. The dual driver design gives these wired earbuds an exceptional depth of sound and a wide soundstage with powerful and stable low frequencies.

Thanks to their over-ear design, these earphones ensure a secure fit for any kind of activity. The supplied three sizes of silicone and foam ear tips will allow customizing the right fit for you while ensuring great noise cancellation and optimal bass presence. The microphone and in line remote make these earbuds perfect for making phone calls and adjusting volumes and playback effortlessly.

The included soft case provides protection and storage while you are travelling or on the go. At such an affordable price, the Mackie CR-Buds are one of the best wired earbuds you can buy today.


  • Dual dynamic driver technology for high-quality sound
  • Wide soundstage and deep, punchy low frequencies
  • Over-ear design for optimal stability
  • Set of varied silicone and foam ear tips for maximum comfort and isolation
  • Inline microphone and remote
  • Soft case included in the box

Available for $80.66 on Amazon

9) FiiO FD3


The FiiO FD3’s 12mm diameter driver features a diaphragm made of diamond-like carbon (DLC) which guarantees the rigidity necessary to minimize unwanted distortion. Simultaneously, the lightness of this material ensures excellent transient response as well as high sensitivity.

The semi-open design of the shells serves two purposes by balancing air pressure: it offers a more natural sound and it reduces the amount of pressure your eardrum is receiving, thus resulting in a safer and less tiring listening experience.

The Fiio FD3’s appearance is minimal yet elegant. The body of the earphones is made of an alloy of magnesium and aluminium which is very light and easy to carry around comfortably. Two interchangeable inner tube sizes, which emphasize bass and treble respectively, are also included so that you can personalize the sound you will be hearing.

The cable is made of high-purity silver-plated copper to deliver excellent sound quality. The cable features red and blue markings near the headphone jacks to easily spot the left and right earbuds. Extra interchangeable plugs are supplied (2.5/3.5/4.4mm) depending on the source you will be using, thus making these earbuds compatible with most devices.

Available for $172.99 on Amazon


  • Dynamic driver built with high-quality materials to maximise sensitivity and clarity
  • Acoustic prism technology eliminates high-frequency standing waves and increases sound diffusion
  • The semi-open design of the shells balances air pressure
  • Housings are built with high-quality materials for durability and lightness
  • Interchangeable inner tubes allow you to dial in a personalised sound
  • The cable is made of refined silver-plated copper
  • Supply of three plugs for compatibility with a variety of sound sources
  • The set of accessories includes ear tips, a carrying case, a cleaning brush, and sound tubes

The Verdict

There are so many options for great in-ear monitors on the market today with prices ranging from twenty to several hundred dollars. It would have been easier to choose an expensive pair of wired earbuds as they would have most likely ticked all the boxes in terms of offering sound quality, comfort, and great features while simultaneously limiting background noise.

When considering the most important qualities a great pair of earbuds should have, we were greatly impressed with the 1More Triple Driver wired earbuds. With a price just below the one hundred dollar mark, these earphones definitely look, feel, and sound like a much more expensive piece of gear. So if you want a great-sounding set of wired earbuds without venturing into more expensive models which would be more suitable for professional musicians and die-hard audiophiles, then the 1More Triple Driver will definitely tick all the boxes.

The package is beautifully presented and unpacking this set of earphones feels like you have bought a high-quality and luxurious product way above its actual price. The box opens like a book: the left side shows drawings with a description of all the parts and pieces that comprise the earphones; the right side of the package houses all the accessories that come with the earphones, including a beautiful leather case, two connectors, an extensive set of silicone and foam ear tips, an instructions booklet, and stickers.

The aluminium design and overall appearance of the 1More Triple Driver feel and look high-quality and stylish. They are extremely comfortable thanks to their angled shape and the variety of eartips supplied guarantees a personalised and secure fit. The foam tips ensure a tighter fit for greater noise-cancellation and an optimal listening experience.

The cables are coated with Kevlar material, thus offering great durability and tangle-free handling. The only downside to these in-ear monitors is that their design may not be the best suited for intense physical activity.

When it comes to sound quality, these in-ear monitors truly shine. Thanks to the combination of their two balanced armatures and dynamic driver, the IMore Triple Driver earbuds offer a balanced, warm, and incredibly detailed sound. All the layers in the music are clearly audible and there is a great sense of space among all its elements as well as a broad soundstage.

The highs are well-rounded with plenty of details, thus making the earphones perfect for listening to Classical Music and Jazz, which can peak at high frequencies at times. Nonetheless, the more mellow treble found in EDM and Rock will be handled very well by the Triple Driver thus ensuring a listening experience full of clarity, details, and fatigue-free.

The mids sound lush, smooth and clear, which allows the listener to enjoy all the subtleties and beauty of the vocal performance in the music. The bass frequencies are warm and punchy without sounding overpowering.

Overall, it is quite difficult to find another product on the market that offers the same quality and performance at such a reasonable price. The 1More Triple Driver are truly exceptional and we are quite sure they will satisfy the large majority of audiophiles, casual listeners, and even professional musicians alike.

Why are wired earbuds better?

While there are many different types of earphones on the market, wired earbuds are still the best option for a number of reasons and are more affordable than wireless earbuds.

Firstly, they provide better sound quality than wireless earphones. This is because wired earbuds have a direct analog connection to the audio source, whether it’s your phone, tablet or computer, while wireless earphones rely on a digital signal like Bluetooth, which can introduce latency and other issues. With the currently available technology, a Bluetooth connection cannot simply guarantee the same high-quality audio you can get from wired connectivity.

Secondly, wired earbuds are lighter than wireless earphones. Since they are built with less components than their wireless counterpart, wired in-ear monitors are more comfortable to wear and won’t create as much fatigue after long listening sessions simply because you are carrying around less weight.

Thirdly, wired earbuds do not experience issues with connectivity. This is especially important if you’re using your earphones for activities like running or working out, when you don’t want your music to suddenly cut out. Moreover, wireless earbuds can encounter issues when surrounded by many other devices using Bluetooth connections.

Fourthly, wired earphones don’t require batteries, so you never have to worry about them running out of power. We all have been let down by our devices simply because we forgot to charge them enough or because we didn’t consider that access to power might have been difficult in certain situations. Moreover, batteries are well-known for creating great damage to the environment, so choosing a set of wired earphones is also something that is good for the planet.

Finally, wired earbuds offer more durability simply because the wires, which are delicate and prone to be damaged or broken, can be replaceable. On the contrary, wireless earbuds have a battery and more delicate electronics in their design and therefore are more prone to get damaged if you’re not very careful how you handle them and store them when not in use.


If you’re looking for the best sound quality, the most comfort, the best value for your money, and the best durability, wired earbuds are still the way to go. Despite the appeal of wireless gear, investing in a pair of great wired earbuds will make your listening experience more enjoyable, immersive, and free of hassles such as poor connectivity, latency, the need for charging batteries, and proneness to damage. On top of that, you will have a product that is more affordable to buy and with a longer life span.